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Monday, August 2, 2010

:: MӨVIΣ :: IПFΛMY (2005) ::

I just saw the documentary by director Doug play, documenting a couple sick graffiti artists in NYC, Philly, and California. It is not a quick movie, with a decent run time of about 2 hours or something, but the time will fly and I was left feeling kind of sad that it ended. What made this film so good was the variety of artists we meet, from Claw (young hot female artist and designer), to ENEM, outspoken gay philly bomber, to Jayce the sort of calm quiet train-yard slaughterhouse.  They even have a guy on here who is obsessed with buffing out graffiti. Anyway, This movie kept me inspired throughout, even thugh it does a good job of showing us the dark side of the mind that graffiti artists often suffer in, the sick twisted thoughts that are "required" to be part of this community, the prices paid for there obsession, and consequences, good and bad. All i know is I am getting a marker and today, a toy is born.

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